Essential Skills for Trainers: Facilitator's Handbook

Federal Transit Administration, RTAP National Program; 1992

Call Number: HE4461.TNG 1992


This course explores what effective training is and examines the principles and strategies that good trainers follow and use. The course is designed for experienced trainers as well as rural transit staff members who have training responsibilities as part of their jobs. Regardless of their experience, participants will be able to use the information and exercises provided to: Discover what makes training effective; Plan for their next training assignment, and Practice specific training skills.


Florida Paratransit Drivers Qualification Program: Trainers Manual

FL Rural Transit Assistance Program, University of Florida.

Call Number: HE4461.TNG-Pub


This training program is to be used for new driver training although the materials and information will be appropriate for refresher training and remedial training, as well. The trainers’ handbook will provide a guide to training the course but the trainer should incorporate agency materials and policies into the training.

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures: A Train-the-Trainer for Paratransit Driver Trainers

Florida RTAP, University of Florida

Call Number: HE4461.TNG-Pub


This manual is a 45 minute training module that covers: Emergency Management Steps; Emergency First Aid; Conducting and Emergency Evacuation

CTD Service Planning Workshop

Center for Transportation Education & Development, Division of Outreach & Continuing Education Extension; 1996

Call Number: HE4461.TNG-Pub 1996


To discuss and review service design alternatives. Effective transit service required planners to understand and meld customer needs, service standards, system parameters, technology and monitoring into a singular whole, which is a responsive and efficient system.

The First Time Trainer

Goad, Tom W; 1997

Call Number: HE4461.TNG-Pub 1997


Training exists to facilitate the process of making organizations, and people within them, more effective. Since you are either new to training or have had little opportunity to train, you'll appreciate the singular purpose of this book: to serve as a simple, clearly stated set of proven guidelines to use when you conduct training.